The 185,000$ domain name game

Posted in Uncategorized by Protopop on June 18, 2011

Brand owners will soon be able to part with 185,000$ to create their own top level domains in a move that no one asked for.

As we wait for the rush of .coke, .bmw and the ‘rolls-off-the-keyboard’ .glaxosimthkline web addresses to come off the presses, we’d be well served by taking a closer look at what this accomplishes.

Until now, people and businesses had to be satisfied with plain old .com, the less sexy .orgs and .nets, or a related country code like Canada’s good old .ca.

Apparently, Big Brands that do not purchase their domain names as suffix do so at their peril. Why exactly? Are there millions of cyber squatters waiting to pay the 185,000$ pleasure of buying .apple? I don’t think web surfers are chomping at the bit to go there when works just fine.

Also, the companies that do apply are among the most “active, aggressive and articulate members of our society”.

Fear and flattery will get you everywhere.